Friday, September 28, 2007

Sheril gets a new blog

I started reading blogs about science because my brother gave me Storm World, Chris Mooney's book. It was pretty difficult for me to follow, and I don't live anywhere where a hurricane would hit (it doesn't rain here much to be honest). I wonder if my brother found it in the bargain bin at B & N or something; he's cheap and has given me dumb books like that before (though he majored in chemistry in college and so I guess his story was that he wanted me to get into science). Anyway, I started reading Chris Mooney's blog on Science Blogs because I thought it would clear up some aspects of the book. I don't know if it really has, but it is fun checking in on that blog because everything is relevant and I am somewhat interested in politics. In fact, I read blog more for his co-blogger Sheril, she is fun and outgoing while being really into science. So I am glad to add another blog to my bookmarks, Sheril is joing Correlations, a new group blog. I don't know the other people associated, so perhaps I will only read Sheril's posts.

Anyway, if you don't know much about science some of the Science Blogs are pretty easy and relevant. I'm never going to be a scientist, but we live in a world filled with science. So I try my best.

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Sheril said...

I expect you'll find keeping this up is a lot of fun. (And admittedly, until I lost a bet last November, you can say I was a 'blogging denialist'). I've been having a blast since I began and writing definitely helps me work through ideas and develop stronger arguments. Not to mention, comments sometimes getting me thinking in a whole new direction.

Thanks for reading!