Monday, October 1, 2007


Boss told me I'm likely to be put in the permanent payroll in a few weeks! Mood: ecstatic.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am olive, hear me roar!

Hm. I decided to go on the roof today to get a tan. Roommate of course had to do something on the computer, so I'm tan while she's still pasty. But who cares? She just sends her cyber "boyfriends" pictures from when she looked a lot better!

(yeah, she doesn't know about the blog; two can play this internet game)

Bars are lame

I felt lame for posting stuff on my blog and surfing the web and leaving comments elsewhere. Is this what Friday night is all about? So I dragged my roommate out for drinks and got hit on by some short squat guys who barely spoke English. Now that's lame. And I have to deal with my roommate bitching me out for dragging her back home. I'd interrupted her "facebook time."

Oh, and P.S., buying cheap drinks for women who don't walk to talk to you does not impress.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sheril gets a new blog

I started reading blogs about science because my brother gave me Storm World, Chris Mooney's book. It was pretty difficult for me to follow, and I don't live anywhere where a hurricane would hit (it doesn't rain here much to be honest). I wonder if my brother found it in the bargain bin at B & N or something; he's cheap and has given me dumb books like that before (though he majored in chemistry in college and so I guess his story was that he wanted me to get into science). Anyway, I started reading Chris Mooney's blog on Science Blogs because I thought it would clear up some aspects of the book. I don't know if it really has, but it is fun checking in on that blog because everything is relevant and I am somewhat interested in politics. In fact, I read blog more for his co-blogger Sheril, she is fun and outgoing while being really into science. So I am glad to add another blog to my bookmarks, Sheril is joing Correlations, a new group blog. I don't know the other people associated, so perhaps I will only read Sheril's posts.

Anyway, if you don't know much about science some of the Science Blogs are pretty easy and relevant. I'm never going to be a scientist, but we live in a world filled with science. So I try my best.

These run a little small....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cell Phone Post

Does this work? I'm at Baja Fresh.

...OK, well, I made a "typo" (do caps count?). It took me too long. I don't think I'll do the cell-blogging thing. But I can't spend too much time doing non-work, my cubicle is partly open, and this is temp-to-perm. I'm tired of temp and want to go perm, so I guess after-work blogging from now on.

Note to past self....

Being a temp agency accountant sucks. Make appropriate choices in your life to avoid this fate!